Used Industrial Ovens, Used Heat Treating Furnaces, Used Ceramic Kilns for Sale - Buy, Sell & Broker Quality Oven, Furnace, Kiln Systems

Access Used Furnaces


Serving Industry Since 1990

ACCESS USED FURNACES provides a convenient and fast means for brokering, purchase, sale, liquidation, or marketing of refurbished and used industrial ovens, used heat treating furnaces, and used ceramic kilns / dryers for thermal processing applications - both batch and continuous and suprlus inventory. Further, rather than just selling you a system, our professional technical staff offers over 50 years of combined experienced and engineering excellence where we can review your application to assure your satisfaction with your purchase or quickly find a ca$h buyer for your surplus equipment.

Types and Process: Industrial Furnaces, Industrial Ovens and Industrial Kilns

  • Metal Processing Including: ferrous alloys (steel), copper, aluminum, stainless steel, brass, bronze, cast iron, and other metals
  • Industrial Finishing Including: powder paint and wet paint curing, drying, dryoff, cure oven, dry oven, gas and electric applications
  • Heat Treating Including: annealing, hardening, tempering, aging, integral quench, normalizing, solution heat treating, stress releaving, and other metallurgical processes Heat Treating Furnaces Including: integral quench furnaces, bell annealing furnaces, dual chamber furnaces and ovens, tool room heat treating furnaces, box – front loading, car bottom, atmosphere heat treating, atmosphere generators including endothermic and exothermic, solution heat treating for aluminum, drop bottom, aging ovens – including certified to AMS 2750 and AMS-2750D, gas heated or electric heated systems, slot forge, melting and crucible, tube, insulating ceramic fiber or brick lined, vacuum, and other furnace related metallurgical equipment.
  • Ceramic Drying Ovens and Firing Kilns Including: shuttle kilns, tunnel kilns, box kilns, fast fire, gas fired or electric fired systems, dryers and drying systems, waste heat dryers, extruders, pug mills, glass furnaces, annealing lehrs and ovens, insulating ceramic fiber or brick lined, and other kiln related equipment.
  • Process Oven Systems and Materials Applications Including: walk-in ovens, bench top, paint curing, powder coating and associated equipment, including washers, box, conveyor, batch and continuous, industrial finishing systems, electroplating and equipment, and other types of systems and related oven equipment.
  • Hazardous waste treatment systems for gaseous, solid, and liquid waste, bio-medical waste, soil remediation, incineration, incinerators, paint fume incineration, paint cleaning by controlled pyrolysis, after burner systems, and related technology for the safe disposal of organic materials, and volatile organic compounds VOCs
  • Professional engineering consulting services by Richard B. Conway, as well as technical services, combustion system tuning and repairs, calibration services traceable to NIST, upgrades and full reconditioning refurbishing of used thermal processing systems.
  • Used systems sold or currently offered in coude manufacturers: Lindberg, Holcroft, Surface Combustion, Harrop, Unique, Pereny, Accutherm, Carbolite, SECO / WARWICK, Grieve, Despatch, keith, Precision Quincy, Wisconsin, Lucifer, Blue-M, Moco Thermal, K. H. Huppert, Gruenberg, Harper, Marshal, Selas, Thermcraft, Lanly, Industrial Furnace, Trent, Benko, Bayco, Atmosphere Furnace, Drever, Upton, Wellman, Harrop, Protection Control Products, and others.
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62 High Street
Carroll, OH 43112

Phone: 740.756.7676
Fax: 740.756.7680
Hot Line: 614.833.9990

Carroll is on SR 33 between Columbus and Lancaster, Ohio. Shipping/Receiving hours are generally from 9:00 to 3:00 Monday - Friday.