For over 30 years Used Furnaces has been a trusted resource for all types of thermal processing systems with expertise of buying and selling used equipment in the aerospace, defense, automotive, laboratory, curing and finishing industries.

Let us take away the headaches of selling your equipment, with accurate appraisals based on in-depth knowledge and experience, and advice on options to optimize your return value.

Benefits of Selling Used Equipment

There are a number of benefits to selling your used industrial oven or furnace.

  • Capital: Turn that big paperweight into working capital for your company
  • Space: Free up storage and production floor space.
  • Save time: Don’t waste another step walking around or moving unused systems
UsedFurnaces Sales Solutions

There are a number of means to selling used systems on, such as:

  • Brokering: Sell your system where it sits. This is the most common solution and generally provides the greatest return. 
  • Outright Purchase: Need it gone now? may purchase the system directly from you
  • Consignment Sales: Sometimes industrial ovens and furnaces need updated or repaired in order to be attractive to buyers. may consider consignment sales where you split the profits of a sale at a predetermined amount

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    Used Furnaces will purchase or broker used, trade-in’s and surplus thermal processing systems and components in most any industry.